MBT 3252, Heavy-duty temperature sensor

Heavy-duty temperature sensor for controlling cooling water, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil and refrigeration plants within general industry.
This temperature sensor is based on a standardized Pt 100 element, which gives a reliable and accurate measurement.
The changeable measuring insert is equipped with a silicone cable, which makes the sensor very resistant towards vibrations.
The MBT 3252 is equipped with a B-head as standard.
If needed, a transmitter (MBT 9110) can be ordered as an integrated part of the MBT 3252 sensor.

Gaseous or liquid media, e.g. air, gas, vapour, water or oil.

Resistance or 4 - 20 mA signal

Up to 200 °C media temperature

Pt sensing element with silicone cable

Can be used with 2- or 3-wire connections

Interchangeable measuring insert

Available with built-in transmitter

Also available in a marine version as MBT 5252